Why be an Ambassador?

Futureintech's Ambassador programme has benefits for everyone involved.

Benefits for you:

  • It improves your public speaking and communication skills.
  • It encourages you to consider the importance of your work to your company and your community, and to think about the direction of your career.
  • The volunteer work you do as an Ambassador is a good asset for your CV and competence assessment.
  • It allows you to give something back to your community.
  • It provides you with networking opportunities.
  • Futureintech activities can help towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – for example, as required for Engineering New Zealand membership – and other qualifications.

Benefits for your company:

  • It raises the profile of your company and the industry in general in the local community.
  • It provides opportunities for free advertising.
  • It gives the company an opportunity to collaborate with other companies.

Benefits for your industry:

  • Sparking and encouraging an interest in the work you do helps secure the future workforce in your industry.

Benefits for the community:

  • Group projects get students involved in their local communities.

Benefits for schools:

  • It helps dispel the mystery associated with maths, science, and technology for New Zealand students.
  • It lets students have fun with what they’re learning.
  • It demonstrates the relevance of maths, science and technology in our daily lives.
  • It offers examples of the education pathways currently available.
  • It supports various standards and objectives in the New Zealand curriculum.
  • It inspires kids and helps them imagine themselves building a career like yours.