New Zealand Diploma in Engineering

New Zealand Diploma in Engineering

The New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (NZDE) is a great option if you want a qualification pathway that combines applied academic study with practical skills, and only takes two years to prepare you for employment in the engineering industry.

The NZDE qualifies you to work in a variety of engineering jobs at technician level, such as:

  • Computer assisted design (CAD) drafting.
  • Managing construction sites.
  • Designing improvements to machinery used in manufacturing.
  • Developing high tech electronics equipment.

The NZDE has been accredited to international standards (Dublin Accord) and will be recognised overseas. It replaces earlier qualifications, such as the New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (NZCE) and National Diploma in Engineering.

Most polytechnics and institutes of technology (ITPs) offer the NZDE. The main specialisations are:

  • Civil Engineering: including roads, buildings, bridges, water and wastewater treatment.
  • Electrical Engineering: telecommunications, power generation and distribution, electronics or manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Engineering: design, manufacture and maintenance of tools, machines and systems.

Generally the entry requirements for the NZDE are:

  • At least 48 credits at NCEA Level 2, including a minimum of 12 credits in each of Maths and Physics.
  • Technology subjects are also highly recommended.
  • Check with your chosen tertiary provider as they may have slightly different entry requirements.

Once you've got your NZDE, you can:

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People who have a
New Zealand Diploma in Engineering

  • Matt Ross

    Technical Specialist, Matt Ross at work

    Geddes Ruka

    Site Engineer, Geddes Ruka at work

    Cheryl Frankis

    Asset Performance Engineer, Cheryl Frankis at work

    Raymond Crawford

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Raymond Crawford at work
  • Henna Chua

    Graduate Electrical Engineer, Henna Chua at work

    Sam Green

    Civil Design Engineer, Sam Green at work

    Simon Bradshaw

    Civil Engineer, Simon Bradshaw at work

    Brylee Thomson

    Civil Engineering Cadet , Brylee Thomson at work
  • Nita Mitchell-Goes

    Civil Engineering Cadet , Nita Mitchell-Goes at work

    Martin Pratchett

    Structural Designer, Martin Pratchett at work

    Jody Kelly

    NZTA Maintenance Stakeholder & Performance Manager, Jody Kelly at work

    Andrew Long

    Graduate Engineer, Andrew Long at work
  • Joshua Burton

    Civil Engineering Technician, Joshua Burton at work

    Megan Crossen

    Civil Engineer, Megan Crossen at work

    Sapoa Rimoni

    Site Engineer, Sapoa Rimoni at work

    Brendon Clarke

    Senior Electrical Engineer, Brendon Clarke at work
  • Tony Coutts

    Engineering Technician, Tony Coutts at work

    Dipal Raniga

    Civil Engineer, Dipal Raniga at work

    Michael Hoogendoorn

    Mechanical Engineer, Michael Hoogendoorn at work

    Danielle Hobby

    Kaitiaki / manager - Maori engagement & strategy, Danielle Hobby at work
  • David Chiswell

    Geotechnical Engineer, David Chiswell at work

    Danny Singh

    Asset Maintenance Engineer , Danny Singh at work

    Emile Webster

    Research Scientist, Emile Webster at work

    Ashley Baxter

    Air Traffic Technician, Ashley Baxter at work
  • Mike Davies

    Research Technician, Mike Davies at work

    Tristan McCallum

    Swordmaker, Tristan McCallum at work

    Darshan Pradhan

    Geotechnical Design Technician, Darshan Pradhan at work

    Brendon Thomson

    Engineering Cadet, Brendon Thomson at work
  • Joshua Housiaux

    Project Engineer, Joshua Housiaux at work

    Vladimir Abelentsev

    Electrical Engineer, Vladimir Abelentsev at work

    Jordan King

    Engineering technician, Jordan King at work

    Michael Higham

    Structural Engineer, Michael Higham at work
  • Elikena Prescott

    , Elikena Prescott at work

    Michael Down

    Electronics Engineer, Michael Down at work

    Kimberly de Vries (née Jupp)

    Quality Manager, Kimberly de Vries (née Jupp) at work

    Gavin Williams

    Design Engineer, Gavin Williams at work
  • Kacha Vuletich

    Resurfacing Manager, Kacha Vuletich at work

    Imraan Mohammed

    Contract Manager, Imraan Mohammed at work

    Jas Singh

    Transportation Engineer, Jas Singh at work

    Sam Riddell

    Civil Engineering Cadet, Sam Riddell at work

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