Agricultural + Horticultural Science

Agricultural + Horticultural Science

Agricultural and Horticultural Science combine learning about the science of biological systems with the management of farms and orchards. Agribusiness combines economics, marketing and management with agricultural studies. It's a relatively new school subject offered by eight New Zealand schools in 2016, but will be rolled out to the rest of the country from 2017.

Dairy, meat, wool, apples, kiwifruit and wine are all important exports and contribute significantly to the New Zealand economy. It's estimated that the primary industries (farming, forestry and fishing) could employ more than 1,000 graduates with Agriscience, Agribusiness or Horticultural Science qualifications – but most years only about 250 people complete relevant tertiary courses.

And if you’re keen on creating an environmentally sustainable future, there’s lots of room in this sector for people with innovative ideas for protecting the environment while increasing productivity.

Where can I go with Agriscience, Agribusiness or Horticultural Science?

For some ideas about jobs that use these skills, check out the first set of panels on this page. And the second set of panels link to the stories of people who themselves studied Agriscience, Agribusiness or Horticultural Science at school. 

Why should I take Agriscience, Agribusiness or Horticultural Science at school?

Studying Agriscience, Agribusiness or Horticultural Science at school is valuable preparation for studying these subjects at tertiary level, although Level 3 credits in these subjects are not generally part of entrance requirements.

A good background in other science subjects (particularly Maths/Stats, Biology and Chemistry) will be useful if you want to study Agriscience, Agribusiness or Horticultural Science at tertiary level. Economics may also be useful.

Job roles that use Agricultural + Horticultural Science

  • Agricultural or Horticultural Consultant

    Agricultural or Horticultural Consultant

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Technician

    Agricultural or Horticultural Technician

    Biosecurity Officer

    Biosecurity Officer
  • Biotechnologist




    Environmental Scientist

    Environmental Scientist

    Farm Vet

    Farm Vet
  • Forester


    Forestry Scientist

    Forestry Scientist

    Soil Scientist

    Soil Scientist

People who studied Agricultural + Horticultural Science

  • Sarah Whiteman

    Industry Graduate, Sarah Whiteman at work

    Shaun Andrews

    Harvesting Operations Coordinator, Shaun Andrews at work

    Alfred Duval

    Regional Forester, Alfred Duval at work

    Daniel Sutton

    R&D Technical Adviser , Daniel Sutton at work
  • Paul Robinson

    Vineyard Manager, Paul Robinson at work

    Tim Brooker

    Industry Graduate, Tim Brooker at work

    Graeme Peter

    Consulting Officer , Graeme Peter at work

    Andrew Long

    Graduate Engineer, Andrew Long at work
  • Matthew Nelson

    Orchard Manager, Matthew Nelson at work

    Angela Brandt

    Marsden Postdoctoral Researcher, Angela Brandt at work

    Nicolas Meurisse

    Entomologist, Nicolas Meurisse at work

    Sarah Jackman

    Science Technician, Sarah Jackman at work
  • Natalie Howes

    PhD Student/Research Assistant, Natalie Howes at work

    Ben van Hooijdonk

    Plant Physiologist, Ben van Hooijdonk at work

    Warwick Hesketh

    Land Management Advisor, Warwick Hesketh at work

    Brett Menefy

    , Brett Menefy at work
  • Esther Aitken

    Research Associate, Esther Aitken at work

    Natalie Proffit (nee How)

    Fruit breeding Technician, Natalie Proffit (nee How) at work

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