By studying Chemistry, you learn about the composition and properties of materials and how they interact with each other. This knowledge can be applied to a wide range of different jobs:

  • Chemists discover and develop new and improved synthetic fibres, paints, adhesives, drugs, cosmetics and electronic components, and also test the quality and safety of materials.
  • Chemical & process engineers design ways to transform raw materials into useful high-value products.
  • Environmental scientists collect and analyse water, air and soil samples to look for pollution.
  • Food technologists use their knowledge of chemistry to develop new food and drink products.
  • Mining geologists look for mineral traces in rocks to help locate gold, oil and gas deposits.

If you like Chemistry, why not explore one of the jobs featured on this page? You can also read people's stories to find out where they went with the Chemistry they enjoyed at school.

Why should I take Chemistry at school?

Studying Chemistry will help you understand the world around you, and it's also useful preparation for a number of different tertiary study options.

  • To enrol in most first-year Chemistry papers at university you will need at least 14 Level 3 credits in Chemistry.
  • Entry into the Bachelor of Food Technology degree requires 14 Level 3 credits.
  • You need 14 Level 3 credits for the Chemical, Forest, Materials, Natural Resources and Process Engineering specialisations of the Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Job roles that use Chemistry

  • Agricultural or Horticultural Consultant

    Agricultural or Horticultural Consultant

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Scientist

    Agricultural or Horticultural Technician

    Agricultural or Horticultural Technician

    Biomedical Scientist

    Biomedical Scientist
  • Biotechnologist


    Chemical & Process Engineer

    Chemical & Process Engineer



    Environmental Engineer

    Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Scientist

    Environmental Scientist

    Farm Vet

    Farm Vet

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Safety (QA) Officer

    Food Scientist

    Food Scientist
  • Food Technologist

    Food Technologist

    Forensic Scientist

    Forensic Scientist

    Forestry Scientist

    Forestry Scientist


  • Marine/Coastal Scientist

    Marine/Coastal Scientist

    Medical Laboratory Scientist

    Medical Laboratory Scientist



    Operation or Production Engineer

    Operation or Production Engineer
  • Product Evaluator

    Product Evaluator

    Soil Scientist

    Soil Scientist

    Water Resources Engineer

    Water Resources Engineer

People who studied Chemistry

  • Sheridan Ashford

    Export Operations Manager, Sheridan Ashford at work

    Kerryn James

    Production and Project Manager, Kerryn James at work

    Elise Waddell

    Food Technologist, Elise Waddell at work

    Gabrielle Bamford

    Kapuni Process Engineer, Gabrielle Bamford at work
  • Odette Shaw

    Scientist, Odette Shaw at work

    Kellie Hobbs

    Well Engineer, Kellie Hobbs at work

    Petra Stegehuis

    Veterinarian, Petra Stegehuis at work

    Heather Martindale

    Geochemist - groundwater scientist, Heather Martindale at work
  • Sheree Tidswell

    Environmental Scientist, Sheree Tidswell at work

    Amy Overington

    Project Lead, Amy Overington at work

    Grace McNicholl

    Technican, Grace McNicholl at work

    Viola Hoepfinger

    Process Engineer, Viola Hoepfinger at work
  • Karyne Rogers

    Environmental and Forensic Scientist, Karyne Rogers at work

    EeLaine Yeoh

    R&D Technologist, EeLaine Yeoh at work

    Sarah Holmes

    Process Engineer, Sarah Holmes at work

    Rupy Kaur

    Technical Lead (Maternity cover), Maternal Serum Screening, Rupy Kaur at work
  • Richard Parkinson

    Environmental Engineer, Richard Parkinson at work

    Hayley Brown

    Quality Control Chemist, Hayley Brown at work

    Owen Miller

    Chemical Engineer, Owen Miller at work

    Andrea Bubendorfer

    Senior Research Scientist, Andrea Bubendorfer at work
  • Tanyaradzwa E Mungure (Ta)

    Research Master student, Tanyaradzwa E Mungure (Ta) at work

    Tristan McCallum

    Swordmaker, Tristan McCallum at work

    Nathan Holmberg

    Lead Architect, Nathan Holmberg at work

    Shaun Tan

    Product Development Engineer, Shaun Tan at work
  • Hayley Reid

    Dairy Auditor, Hayley Reid at work

    Natalie Howes

    PhD Student/Research Assistant, Natalie Howes at work

    Esraa El Shall

    Research and Development Technologist, Esraa El  Shall at work

    Hayden Pohio

    Founder, Hayden Pohio at work
  • Dudley Haines

    Food Technologist , Dudley Haines at work

    Isabella Howie

    Process Engineer, Isabella Howie at work

    Jamie Halla

    Environmental and Marine Scientist, Jamie Halla at work

    Gabriel Anderson

    Mechanical Engineer, Gabriel Anderson at work
  • Maria Eliza

    Network Engineer, Maria Eliza at work

    Troy Brownlie

    New Product Development Technologist, Troy Brownlie at work

    Kent Steel

    Enviornmental Specialist, Kent Steel at work

    Harmandeep Sandhu

    Process Engineer, Harmandeep Sandhu at work
  • Claire Burnett

    Chemical Engineer, Claire Burnett at work

    Donovan Van Kekem

    Air Quality Scientist, Donovan Van Kekem at work

    Victoria Burcusel

    Laboratory Supervisor, Victoria Burcusel at work

    Nicola Johnson

    Biomedical Scientist, Nicola Johnson at work

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