Degree in Information Technology

Degree in Information Technology

Degrees in Information Technology, Information Systems and Computer Systems are generally broad-based and provide an introduction to most areas of computing. You’ll gain technical skills in programming, networking, operating systems and databases, learn about the IT industry, and develop communication and business skills.

What jobs can I do?

Information Technology graduates tend to be employment-ready with good practical skills and familiarity with the technologies currently in use in industry. They work in a wide range of roles, including as computer programmers, web/multimedia developers, networking & operating systems engineers, computer trainers and business analysts.

A qualification in Information Technology/Systems could also be relevant if you’re aiming to get into IT management.

Where can I study?

There are two main options:

  • As a stand-alone three-year Level 7 Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Information Systems or Bachelor of Computer Systems at most polytechs and some universities. You may be able to specialise in software development, networking, data security or web/multimedia development.
  • As a major within a three-year Level 7 Science, Applied Science, Technology or Commerce degree at most universities and some polytechs.

What are the entry requirements?

Entry requirements for Information Technology degrees vary considerably between institutions:

  • University Entrance (particularly for universities), or
  • NCEA Level 3, or
  • 60-75 credits at NCEA Level 2, or
  • A Level 3 (or higher) certificate in Computing or Information Technology

Maths, Digital Technologies and English credits are highly recommended.

People who have a
Degree in Information Technology

  • Brittany Morgan

    Application Support Consultant, Brittany Morgan at work

    Tarah Carpenter

    Software Developer, Tarah Carpenter at work

    Seth Reid

    Graduate Developer, Seth Reid at work

    Anny Tong

    QA Engineer, Anny Tong at work
  • Shaun Narayan

    Software Engineer, Shaun Narayan at work

    Tim Elder

    Game Designer and Metrics Analyst, Tim Elder at work

    Henry Lane

    , Henry Lane at work

    Paul Webby

    Technical Product Specialist, Paul Webby at work
  • Justin McCormack

    Product Manager, Justin McCormack at work

    Jessica Gough

    Director, Technical Release & Level 3 Support , Jessica Gough at work

    Julian Robinson

    Software Developer, Julian Robinson at work

    Steven Allan

    Web Developer, Steven Allan at work
  • Muhammad (Mo) Nda

    Software Engineer, Muhammad (Mo) Nda at work

    Phil Taylor

    Web/Database Developer, Phil Taylor at work

    Phil Wheeler

    Software Developer, Phil Wheeler at work

    Lidia Aiad

    Software Support Engineer, Lidia Aiad at work
  • Hiren Patel

    Software Developer, Hiren Patel at work

    Jason Steenstra-Pickens

    Software Engineer, Jason Steenstra-Pickens at work

    Matthew Kininmonth

    Service Information Developer, Matthew Kininmonth at work

    Helen Jamieson (nee Burnett)

    IS Field Support, Helen Jamieson (nee Burnett) at work
  • Josh Lowry

    Software Developer, Josh Lowry at work

    Ian Simpson

    Managing Director, Ian Simpson at work

    Andrew Grieve

    Software Developer, Andrew Grieve at work

    Jason Dodunski

    IT Systems Engineer, Jason Dodunski at work
  • Lee Tong

    Web Developer/Administrator, Lee Tong at work

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