Graduate Diploma in Science

Graduate Diploma in Science

Graduate certificates and diplomas involve studying additional courses at Level 7 after you’ve completed a degree, typically a Bachelor of Science or Applied Science. Graduate certificates usually take one semester of full-time study to complete, whereas graduate diplomas generally take a full year.

These qualifications can help you move into move into a different area, for example, if you’ve done a degree in Maths but would like to get work in the digital/IT industry you might do a graduate certificate in Computer Science or Information Technology.

You can specialise in almost any subject that’s offered as a major for a Bachelor of Science – but check with your tertiary institution. You’ll generally need to have already done some first-year courses in the subject, as getting a graduate certificate or diploma requires completion of second- and third-year courses.

Options for further study are the same as for a degree with the same major.

People who have a
Graduate Diploma in Science

  • Charlie Gavey

    Scrum Master / Product Owner, Charlie Gavey at work

    Heidi Kong

    Test and support engineer, Heidi Kong at work

    Kirsten Birrell

    Medical Laboratory Scientist, Kirsten Birrell at work

    EeLaine Yeoh

    R&D Technologist, EeLaine Yeoh at work
  • Kylie Robinson

    CEO , Kylie Robinson at work

    Kelly Jones

    Medical Laboratory Scientist, Kelly Jones at work

    Ali Churcher

    Test Engineer, Ali Churcher at work

    Parminder Kaur

    Laboratory Technician, Parminder Kaur at work