Food Safety (QA) Officer

Food Safety (QA) Officer

Food Safety and Quality Assurance (QA) specialists play an important role in the manufacture of food and drink products. They may be involved in:

  • Collecting and testing samples of raw ingredients and finished products
  • Checking for harmful micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi
  • Making sure manufactured products are of high quality, match specifications and are consistent with product labelling for nutritional content
  • Designing, operating and maintaining quality systems

Most food safety and QA officers are employed by:

  • Food testing and certification agencies such as AsureQuality
  • Large food manufacturers such as Fonterra, Heinz Wattie’s and Nestle
  • Smaller food companies such as Hubbard’s Cereals, Cookie Time and the Kiwi Ice Cream Company

Food safety and QA officers typically earn:

  • $35-45,000 starting salary
  • $45-65,000 with two to three years’ experience

Key tertiary qualifications:

  • Diploma in Science or Technology
  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Science or Technology in Food Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Recommended school subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Maths
  • English

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Food Safety (QA) Officer: People who work in this role

  • Sarah Lewington

    Chicken Processing Quality Manager, Sarah Lewington at work

    Jacqueline Turley (nee MacCallum)

    Laboratory Technician, Jacqueline Turley (nee MacCallum) at work

    Christina Ferrick

    Senior Technical Officer , Christina  Ferrick at work

    Wendy Wong

    Quality Assurance Technical Support, Wendy Wong at work
  • Victoria Burcusel

    Laboratory Supervisor, Victoria Burcusel at work

    Winnita Joshua

    Quality Assurance, Winnita Joshua at work

    Justin Wilson

    Compliance Officer, Justin Wilson at work

    Myrtle Videna

    Quality Assurance Officer, Myrtle Videna at work
  • Peggy Yang

    Quality Assurance Officer, Peggy Yang at work

    Chelsea Whitburn

    Quality Assurance, Chelsea Whitburn at work

    Alana Dale

    Line Manager, Alana Dale at work

    Vonny Marsh

    Quality Assurance Officer, Vonny Marsh at work
  • Adrian Hoggard

    Quality Assurance Officer, Adrian Hoggard at work

Food Safety (QA) Officer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Ministry for Primary Industries
    Ministry for Primary Industries
    Constantia Foods
    Constantia Foods
  • Silver Fern Farms
    Silver Fern Farms
    McCain Foods (NZ)
    McCain Foods (NZ)
    Heinz Wattie's
    Heinz Wattie's
  • Tasti Products
    Tasti Products

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