Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers analyse and design structures – such as buildings, bridges, dams, towers and wharves – so that they are able to hold loads and resist environmental forces such as earthquakes, strong winds and floods.

Most structural engineers are employed by engineering consultancy companies and construction firms.

There is strong demand for structural engineers to work on rebuilding Christchurch after the earthquakes and to strengthen buildings, bridges and dams all around New Zealand.

Structural engineers generally earn:

  • $45-55,000 starting salary 
  • $65-95,000 for mid-level engineers
  • Senior civil engineers who work as team leaders or managers earn $85-220,000

Key tertiary qualifications include:

Required and recommended school subjects:

  • Calculus (required for engineering pathway)
  • Physics (required for engineering pathway)
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics & Modelling
  • English
  • Technology subjects

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Structural Engineer: People who work in this role

  • Erinna Schroder

    Structural Engineer, Erinna Schroder at work

    Ross Yearbury

    Engineer, Ross Yearbury at work

    Arlen Yung

    Graduate Engineer, Arlen Yung at work

    Aaron Kaijser

    Structural Engineer, Aaron Kaijser at work
  • Daniel Gray

    Structural Engineer, Daniel Gray at work

    Kirk Walker

    Structural Engineer, Kirk Walker at work

    James Huang

    Structural Engineer, James Huang at work

    Clark Taylor

    Structural Engineer, Clark Taylor at work
  • Martin Pratchett

    Structural Designer, Martin Pratchett at work

    Josue Hernandez

    Senior Structural Engineer, Josue Hernandez at work

    Tony Fu

    Bridge Engineer, Tony Fu at work

    Karina Kaufusi

    Civil Engineer , Karina Kaufusi at work
  • Michael Geddes

    Graduate Civil Engineer, Michael Geddes at work

    Lucia Zhang

    Graduate Civil Engineer, Lucia Zhang at work

    Doug Weston

    Structural Engineer, Doug Weston at work

    Tim Rogers

    Structural Engineer, Tim Rogers at work
  • Kelsy Seyb

    , Kelsy Seyb at work

    Sheena Chen

    Structural Engineer, Sheena Chen at work

    Matt Smith

    Structural Engineer, Matt Smith at work

    Ezra Edwin

    Structural Engineer, Ezra Edwin at work
  • Kavinda Widananpathirana

    Structural Engineer, Kavinda Widananpathirana at work

    Bradley Schwalger

    Graduate Structural Engineer, Bradley Schwalger at work

    Shriya Sharma

    Graduate Structural Engineer, Shriya Sharma at work

    Chloe McKenzie

    Graduate Civil/Structural Engineer, Chloe McKenzie at work
  • Max Haberkorn

    Structural Engineer, Max Haberkorn at work

    Alex Vink

    , Alex Vink at work

    Zak Mataa

    Structural Engineer, Zak Mataa at work

    Chantelle Bailey

    Structural Engineer, Chantelle Bailey at work
  • Matt England

    Graduate Structural Engineer, Matt England at work

    David Wood

    Graduate Structural Engineer, David Wood at work

    Maria Leon

    Structural Engineer, Maria Leon at work

    Aubrey Bullen

    Structural Engineer, Aubrey Bullen at work
  • Zoe Brooks

    Structural Engineer, Zoe Brooks at work

    Craig Fowler

    Structural Engineer, Craig Fowler at work

    Michael Higham

    Structural Engineer, Michael Higham at work

    Michael Wheaton

    Structural Engineer, Michael Wheaton at work
  • Nathan Watson

    Structural Engineer, Nathan Watson at work

    Sam Lichtwark

    Structural Engineer, Sam Lichtwark at work

    Paul Jarvie

    Structural Engineer, Paul Jarvie at work

    Neill Lewis

    Structural Engineer, Neill Lewis at work

Structural Engineer: Companies that employ people in this job role

  • Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    Engineers Without Borders New Zealand
    McConnell Dowell
    McConnell Dowell
    Certa Engineering
    Certa Engineering
  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council
    Western Bay of Plenty District Council
    Tiaki Engineering Consultants
    Tiaki Engineering Consultants
    Bloxam, Burnett & Olliver
    Bloxam, Burnett & Olliver
    Calibre Consulting
    Calibre Consulting
  • Sigma Consultants
    Sigma Consultants
    HEB Construction
    HEB Construction
    Tonkin & Taylor
    Tonkin & Taylor
  • Silvester Clark
    Silvester Clark
    Fulton Hogan
    Fulton Hogan
  • Fraser Thomas
    Fraser Thomas
    Harrison Grierson
    Harrison Grierson
  • GHD
    Dunedin City Council
    Dunedin City Council
    Davis Ogilvie
    Davis Ogilvie
    Opus International Consultants
    Opus International Consultants
  • Beca

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